We’re big fans of authenticity.

As a locally-owned family affair—our Montreal bike tours got started in a laneway garage, after all—how could we not be? When we talk about authenticity, we mean real conversations, real experiences and, when the craving strikes, real gelato. When we say “authentic,” we mean high-quality, memorable, and genuine—and this is exactly how we want to show you Montreal. Here’s why one of our guided bike tours will give you the most authentic experience of the city.

Montreal is a bike town.

It wasn’t always the case, but it is now. A dedicated bike lane runs the length of the downtown core, making cycling safer and more accessible than it’s ever been. Other paths and trails surround the city centre, too, but this main route is a game-changer. As such, cycling is an increasingly popular mode of transportation for many locals.


Montreal is down-to-earth.

Montreal repeatedly gets ranked one of the friendliest cities in the world.Not to name call, but a bus tour can be quite stuffy. Even at its best, on a bus tour you’re only experiencing the city with other tourists and your guide. When you tour by bike, you’ll connect with other cyclists, locals and business owners along the way. You’re not seeing the world from behind the glass—you’re literally feeling the city in all its glory. You’re hearing the traces of conversations on the street as you pass by. The organic nature of these interactions is something you just can’t get from aboard a bus.

It’s eco-friendly and relaxing.

When you visit a city, you want to treat it well and you want it to treat you well. Biking is an environmentally sound alternative to travelling by bus or car, and keeps the experience green. And cycling is great for you physically—it helps reduce stress and anxiety, and improves sleep and memory function, putting you at your best for your vacation.


You Get To See More

Biking through a city often puts you next to parks and trees, so you’re getting to see nature you likely wouldn’t from a vehicle. Sure, walking is great, too—but you cover much more ground by bike. While biking is faster, you still get to see everything along the route, taking in the sensory experience of your surroundings—whether that’s catching a breeze off the St. Lawrence River in Old Montreal, or the smell of fresh croissants, hot bagels, and espressos from the terraces and cafes everywhere. And speaking of authentic, there’s nothing better than a real glimpse at life behind the scenes as you peddle through Montreal’s beautiful and colorful alleyways, which are also great for bypassing traffic and waving hello to residents gardening in their backyards.

Biking is a great casual group activity

Bike tours are a perfect activity for groups of friends, families and coworkers. Your guide can act as an in-town friend to show you the sites (and the tour company can provide safe, high-quality bikes in good working order—something you may not get from attempting a DIY bike tour). Biking together is a low-pressure social activity that gives you engage in together. It’s easy to make stops, and customize to skip or see what you want. With a guide, you don’t have to keep track of maps and itineraries, or even plan your own picnic spot—it’s all done for you, with experiencing authentic Montreal in mind.

Interested in touring Montreal by bike? We’d love to show you around. We run our South & North city tours everyday. For more information about our tours, or to book yours,
contact us at (514)521-8356 ext 311 or montreal@fitz.tours

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